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        //  Origin: Los Angeles , CA
              // Genres: Hip Pop
Werewolves are known for their ability to shape shift, from man to beast, beast to man. In reality, they are wolf-charmers that dazzle the beast within, with tales of wonder and magic.

The world of magic belongs to Watercolor Werewolf, a fusion of wild, neon colors and psychedelic mojo. Their music transcends boundaries of time and space. 

Watercolor Werewolf evokes

bygone genres new wave, classic hip-hop and vintage rock all at once, while weaving them together seamlessly for an undiscovered next wave of pop.


WATERCOLOR WEREWOLF IS the collaboration between

Scoop Deville & Michael Sterling Eaton. 


They have combined their unique backgrounds to create an audio visual “sound machine” experience.

Taking cues from early NEW WAVE, classic hip hop AND ROCK GIVING LISTENERS THE FEELING OF being in A John Hughes film...

Creating a sound uniquely their owN.



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